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Women enter many stages in their life. Stages that are impacted by hormonal changes, physical changes and emotional changes. Every stage of a woman’s life is special and every woman is a unique individual with special needs, strengths and concerns.

Our emphasis is on sensitive comprehensive care that is designed to guide you through all stages of life ... treatment that is available in time of crisis ... and vigilant attention aimed at preventing problems and keeping you healthy and happy. An array of services targeted at prevention and early diagnosis have been developed.

Dr. McCauley stresses the importance of routine gynecological examinations and offers the convenience of on-site mammography at the hospital. Each of these are keys to the early detection of cancer. Another screening study, DEXASCAN, is used to identify osteoporosis, a life-threatening disease which can be successfully treated with early intervention.

Whether your needs can be addressed through educational sessions or whether you require diagnostic or surgical intervention, Dr. McCauley is here for you.

We are honored that you have chosen to entrust us with your health care.



Early detection of breast cancer saves lives. Mammography is still the best tool. The American Cancer Society recommends that women have a clinical breast exam by a doctor each year. In addition, they recommend that women do their monthly breast exam on monthly basis. Presently an annual mammogram is recommended after the age of 40.



Endometriosis strikes many women. It is a condition that results from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causes pelvic pain. This condition can cause many problems such as pain and infertility.



PMS strikes a majority of women. An estimated 85% to 90% of all women at some time in their reproductive years experience PMS. Some women just feel “edgy” or washed out for a day or two. Others have discomforts so severe that it interferes with their normal activities of daily life. No one has determined the exact cause of PMS; however, it appears to be related to hormonal and chemical imbalances.



Menstruation is a normal event in a woman’s life. Beginning between the ages of 12-13 years and continuing until the woman is about 50 years old, it is the monthly bleeding that occurs as a part of a woman’s reproductive cycle. Normally, women experience some mild cramps for a day or two each month. Some women have severe, debilitating pain… this is called dysmenorrhea.



Each stage in the cycle of life brings changes. For some women, the changes may bring challenges. For others, they bring opportunities. Dr. McCauley knows every woman is unique, with particular needs, concerns and responses to the changes that occur over time.



During the cycle of life, many physical and metabolic changes occur in a woman’s body. Bones are in a constant state of transformation as the body grows new bone and rids itself of old bone. Over time the body stops producing new bone and when too much bone is lost osteoporosis occurs.



Every woman is at risk for osteoporosis, a disease that silently thins your bones. This disease does not make women look or feel different. As a result, this disease is allowed to progress before anything is done. The good news is that you can do something about osteoporosis today. It is important to have bone density testing. This is a safe, easy and pain-free test that takes approximately 20 minutes.